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We Do Web 

Current and On-going Projects: : Educational website, a virtual classroom, where students and professors can meet .  Currently in development, this project will be a great asset to any college or university. Design Team:  Daniela Nikolaeva, Micael Butiel, Jade Marcuit


PronStar2.0 - Band website, home of the Berkeley-based band PronStar2.0. Their music is original, complex and with dark humor.  The design represents the band's brand very well. 

Music To Your Eyes - An interactive Multimedia performance that includes paintings, and music. The design reflects the artistic approach and the interactive nature of the show.

• Responsive Web Design  
• Mobile Apps Design
• Interactive applications
• UI/UX Design
• Inforgraphics

• Search Engine Optimization
• Domain registration
• Social media
• Videos for the web
• Web Animation
• Copywriting and language translation in four languages
• PowerPoint Presentations
• ePublishing: eBooks, web newsletters, etc.
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