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Chasing Ice - Film Screening and Discussion about Climate Change


April 22nd. 2015, Berkeley, California



Intoroduction by Daniela Nikolaeva.

Student Art Competition, "Brain on Education"

Winners of the first round annonced and presenated by Ms. Nikolaeva

Introduction by Camilo Chipolla

Film screening of the amazing film Chasing Ice 

Discussion about climate change led by the Global Studies Club.



Film Festival: "Screaming Screening"

October 31st. 2014, Berkeley, California


Unity Arts Club  presents the first annual “Screaming Screening” Film and Animation festival in Berkeley, CA.


More than 50 entries from art colleges in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco were submitted for screening. The festival featured a collection of independent short films and animation.


At the opening ceremony Festival Director Daniela Nikolaeva said, “The film festival is an inspiring event for emerging and established filmmakers and animators and an incredible opportunity to network and collaborate.”


The Unity Arts Club is an organization of multimedia artists and designers who meet every Saturday at Berkeley City College to work on creative projects.
Daniela Nikolaeva is an active officer and the Faculty advisor for the club. 



40th. Anniversary Celebration of Berkeley City College.

October 17. 2014, Berkeley, California


Daniela Nikolaeva was a guest speaker at the Multimedia Panel discussion as part of the 40th. Anniversary Celebration of Berkeley City College. The Multimedia panel presentation included faculty and alumni panel discussions and videos.

Other notable presenters at the event were California State Assembly Nancy Skinner, Mayor Tom Bates, Peralta Colleges Chancellor Dr. J. Ortiz, BCC’s President Dr. Debbie Budd and others.
The focus of this event was to celebrate 40 years of transforming lives.


Daniela also presented a painting at the silent auctions held at the event. The painting titled “The Old Bucker” has been previously exhibited at galleries in Europe and USA.


Daniela Nikolaeva, Lee Marrs, Natalie Newman  - multimedia panel

Mayor Jean Quan at the awards ceremony for Inspire Oakland billboard design competition

Inspire Oakland Design Competition

May 2014, Oakland, California


Daniela Nikolaeva takes part in the selection process as a judge at the "Inspire Oakland" and "Inspire Berkeley " billboard design competitions.


Twenty six judges were invited to jury the finals. The judges were selected among numerous prestigious design companies and design schools.


Over 400 entries were submitted. Three of Daniela’s students received awards at the competition.


The event was organized by ODLAC – Oakland Digital in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office. Oakland ‘s Mayor Jean Quan presented the awards and talk about the importance of such events.


Billboards with the winning designs will be erected in the San Francisco Bay area at strategic locations.


See more:

Inspire Okaland Design Competition




Bob PronStar, M.Scott Campbell, A. Smith performing at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco. Artworks, video and animation by Daniela Nikolaeva.

"Music to Your Eyes"
A synesthetic audio-visual experience


Music to Your Eyes is a multimedia art event that includes an art exhibit, video, animation and a live music performance.  This unique collaborative project features original songs by the band Pr0nStar 2.0 and visuals by Daniela Nikolaeva. The music and the artworks are in a symbiotic relationship and work as one integral piece.  Each painting is perceived best while listening to the music that helped create it, and each song performed live has a visual representation projected on a large screen.


In 2011 Music to Your Eyes was performed at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco and was received extremely well. There have been several different performances in the Bay Area since then.


To find out more follow these links:

Music to Your Eyes -  website


Music to Your Eyes - video



Faculty Art Exhibit

August - September 2013


Faculty art exhibit at Jerry Adams Gallery at Berkeley City College, Berkeley, CA

This exhibition is organized and curated by Daniela Nikolaeva and Bijan Yashar. Fifteen Faculty members from the Multimedia Department and the Art Department showcase their innovative artworks. This is an eclectic collection of digital prints, artistic photography, drawings and paintings in traditional and mixed media. 


The opening reception is at 9:00PM on Sept. 12th. Refreshments will be served. President Budd, Dean Barrero, VP Chen and other honorary guests will attend the event. 





DaNi50 Creative competition

November 2013 - January 2014

An International creative competition open to all ages . 

There is only 1 eligibility requirement: you have to know who I am. That means you must have met me at some point in your life. We have interacted in some way and that interaction has left some memorable impression on you. Think of a special moment you remember, or a skill I have taught you, or words of wisdom we have exchanged. Could be something finny, or sweet, or hilarious. Write about that, paint a picture of it, or make a song of it. 


You may submit:
Artworks : photos, paintings and drawings
Multimedia: video, animation, interactive pieces
Creative writing: short stories, essays ( English or Bulgarian, only please. )
Music: lyrics and songs, musical compositions


Subject line: DaNi50 competition


For more info connect on FACEBOOK

go to DaNi50 event page

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